Critical Holiday Condo Reminders for Canadian Boards and Property Management

06 December 2018
Joshua Chisvin

It is holiday season once again — a welcome time for celebrations, as well as some rest and relaxation. However, for condominium boards and property managers, there are several important tasks and obligations that can't be ignored.


December tends to be a very busy and expensive month for condo owners. Extra expenses sometimes can lead to delinquent payment of common expenses. It is important to keep track of unpaid accounts. Given the fact that property management offices are often closed during the holidays, it is also critical for property management and condo boards to keep track of accounts that may be passing the 90 day lien period on or about January 1, 2019. Liens can only be registered when the registry office is open. The last thing that property management and boards want is to miss out on a lien period due to the holiday season. If anyone has any questions, please let us know.


Many buildings hold holiday parties for their residents. While the parties generally are "under control," this can certainly vary depending on the condominium site. It is critical for property management and boards to take any and all steps to ensure compliance with the condominium rules, and to also look out for inebriated guests. Condo boards and property management can be held liable in certain circumstances if they do not take proper steps to ensure the safety of the residents and guests who are drinking on condominium property.


This is also the season for noise complaints. Owners tend to have large gatherings for family and friends, which sometimes can be loud and interfere with the reasonable use and enjoyment for other residents. Owners need to be aware of the rules and try to be respectful for one another.


The fact that there are more guests attending condominiums over the holidays also means that there are bound to be more parking complaints. Sites that have visitor parking often complain that the same few people are using up the visitor parking. This is another item that owners and residents need to be reminded about.


Many management offices have reduced holiday hours. It is important that this be communicated to all residents, especially given all of the above issues that can arise over the holidays. An emergency/after-hours number should be provided to owners as well, if available.


Condominiums generally see an influx of short term rentals over the holidays. For those sites who prevent short term rentals, it is important to be vigilant, and to remind owners and security of the rules, and the repercussions for failing to comply with same.

SOURCE: Mondaq

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